Thank you for the best cocktail onions I’ve tasted! My sister-in-law and I are hooked on these little gems. I happened to come across them at QFC in Mill Creek. We love our Gin and Tonics in the evening. These we have found are the best tasting, and we end up eating a few just because we like the taste. Haven’t seen the pickled beans but would love to try them in our Bloody Marys. Again thanks for something that really does make the drink and tastes great on the side. Keep it coming!

The McDaniel Family
Bothell, WA


Two of your onions in a Grey Goose martini puts me in nirvana! Thanks very much for making these wonderful onions!

Jeffrey Jones
Seattle, WA

I recently bought your pickled beets, and I must say they are without a doubt simply the best pickled beets I have EVER had. Good job! Just wanted you to know. They were not too vinegary, very crisp, not too sweet. In other words, perfect!!! Keep up the good work, and I will be buying many of your other products.

Caren Smith


I went out a couple of nights ago, and I had a martini in a restaurant here in Bend called Brickhouse. I’m 74 years old, and I have never tasted as good an onion in my life so they brought me out a bottle to show me. That is a fabulous product you have! Thanks very much!

Mike Marr
Bend, Oregon

I first experienced the amazing sweet pickled garlic at a craft show at Washington State University this past spring. The jar I brought home didn’t last long and soon my boyfriend had ordered a full case. With the holiday season here, I can’t think of a better “uniquely-wonderful” gift for our friends and family! Oh, they are an automatic ingredient to our Bloody Marys!! Thanks for the special treat!!

Cindee O’Brien
Kettle Falls, WA

I have been searching though mail order catalogs and the Internet since the 80’s, and I must say that all of your products are great! I picked up a few jars at the Cayenne Kitchen here in Colorado. When we got home, half a jar of olives, onions and garlic disappeared instantly! How about making some larger jars available for those of us that don’t know when to stop nibbling? Thanks for the great tasting products!

FYI…Don’t throw away the oil and spices from the olives or the juice from the onions/garlic. These can be used creatively in salads and cooking. The oil can me mixed with whatever you want like red wine vinegar, sugar, garlic, onion etc to make a tasty salad dressing. The garlic/onion juice can be used in such things as mayonnaise based potato salads to give them a little uniqueness. The choices are unlimited!

Steve Schroeder
Longmont, Colorado

I picked up a jar of your sweet pickled giardiniera at the Renton Farmer’s Market this week, and all I can say is “WOW!” For years I have searched for a sweet pickle mix that had just the right blend of sweetness. You nailed it! A perfect balance of dill, sweetness, crunchy veggies, it’s perfection personified! I will definitely see you again at the farmer’s market, to buy more!

Thanks for a fantastic product!

AJ Deane
Renton, WA

A very nice acknowledgement, this. I “discovered” your cocktail onions at dinner at the Waterfront Grill last weekend. After just one onion, I knew I had to locate the source and make them my regular. You might be amused at how it occurred. When leaving the restaurant, I went up to the bar and asked the bartender what brand of cocktail onions they were using. He rummaged around, found the jar, and showed it to me. At that moment, a stranger sitting at the bar three seats away said, “You know, your can order those online. And they even offer free samples through the Web site.” What serendipity!

Your sample offer is very generous, but as a marketing and ebusiness executive for many years, I know that the reason you invest in same is because it’s proven to pay off – I’m sure that a high percentage of people who receive the samples become regular purchasers of multiple products. I have no doubt that will be the case for me. The *only* question I had after the sample at Waterfront Grill was, “What other products do they make and how many of them will I *also* want to purchase.”

You’re a great example of how to do business “right”. Congratulations and much success! I hope our paths cross one day so we can make a Gibson toast to excellence.

Terry Roberts, CEO

I am an absolute unashamed degenerate Gibson drinker. I’ve always said that the only thing that separates a bum from a gentleman is a drop of vermouth.

Along with my similarly deranged cronies, my life-long mission has been to find the perfect Gibson and with your help I think we have. Your cocktail onions are the best on the entire planet. I’ve tried Crosse & Blackwell, B&G, Sable & Rosenfeld and others too numerous to mention. The only one close to yours is by Hainich, the German folks. Marco Polo from Belgium is tolerable but a distant third.

The only problem is that at some point I will probably require a liver transplant, and I will certainly hold you responsible.

That said, keep up the good work!

Bill Doremus
Plainview, NY

After many years of eating your sweet onions with my martini, my wife and I tried your asparagus and string beans….and they too are great! By the way, we are also hooked on your pickeld garlic!

Judi and Henry Goldrich
Fort Lee, N.J.

Good Morning, Jim ~

I was first introduced to your product by my brother-in-law who picked up a jar in a Pennsylvania Gourmet Shop. I was immediately hooked! I have been a martini drinker for the past 20 years and recently switched from olives to onions. Once I got a taste of the McSweets, that was it……they are clearly superior to any other product.

Since receiving my first order, I have shared them with family and friends, ALL to rave reviews. I am now about to introduce them to my many bar customers (we own three bars –two in Pennsylvania and one in San Juan PR) and we have excellent contacts with the food and beverage folks at many of the major casino/hotels in Atlantic City. I’m guessing I’ll get similar positive results.

I will be sure to pass along your web address and contact info as I’m sure I’ll be getting many requests. Continued good wishes with your company and thanks for a GREAT product!

Yours in success,

Joe Simone
Brigantine, NJ

Dear Sir,

I managed to get some samples of your onions and garlic to family in the US who I asked in turn to send on to me in England. Expensive (even to send the sample jars!), but I am glad I did! I normally enjoy a Classic Dry Martini (Plymouth Gin / Noilly Prat) with olives. While my wife likes a Gibson, I always found onions too vinegary for my liking, but after getting hold of some of your onions I am seriously considering changing to Gibsons… when I can hold of some more of your onions that is!

My wife enjoyed the slightly sweeter onions as a departure from her norm, and now has a decision to make at Martini time! I also really enjoyed the garlic as a different garnish to my Martini as well

Thank you very much for your efforts, and as soon as I can work out a sensible, financially viable way to get some McSweet products to the UK, I will order some full size jars. Failing that, I will move to America!

Thanks again.

Steven Holland
Plymouth, England, UK

Well, you sold me and a neighbor with the first bite of your free sample 2 oz. jar with a shot of vodka! You have the best product I have seen and tasted in my short life of seventy-five years! I plan on trying your other products in the near future. Thank you again!

Doug Epperson
Sun City, CA

I received my onions today. Of course I had to have a martini. I was expecting something sour and tasty. Instead I got a sour and sweet. I was completely blown away at how good they tasted. My girl friend came by tonight and demolished my onions. I hope that shipment arrives soon. Ha! She stood in the kitchen and ate the entire jar. She cannot wait for the beans. Oh, she enjoyed them so much she is making sure I let you know. My next order will be more of the onions and your other products. Great Job!

Jim Kessler
Joplin, MO

I got the onions today and they are heaven on earth. Hope I can tolerate enough vodka to use up all the onions. Thanks again–they are just great for my Gibsons!

Sy Rosenthal
Mount Pleasant, SC

I just ordered a case of your absolutely delectable cocktail onions. My daughter-in-law gave me a jar for Christmas. (She knows how much I love a good quality martini with an onion.) I fell in love with the sweet taste and crisp quality. Wish my favorite restaurants would get some. Hopefully my case will last! Great job guys!

Steve Staugaitis
Brookfield, CT

I don’t know how you do it but please don’t stop….I have never had an onion taste so good….so crisp….even the juice in a Ciroc martini instead of making it dirty with olive juice, the McSweet juice produces a whole
different taste….crisp…..clean taste….you should try Ciroc if you like grape vodkas…it’s the best and so are your onions….

Blair Mitchell
Ormond Beach, Florida

Just wanted you to know that my husband has been looking for onions for his martinis for sometime. I discovered your company and gave it a try. We hit the jackpot; he said these are the best he has ever tasted! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Madeline Fretto
Scotia, NY

These onions are terrific! Our son lives in Ballard, and we went to the Market St. Grill in Ballard last summer and first tasted the McSweet’s. My husband ordered a Gibson and noticed immediately how sweet the onions were and asked the bartender about them. Whether he was just the bartender or owner I don’t know, but when we inquired about buying some, he very kindly GAVE us a jar and I am sure we will only have McSweet’s from now on! Thanks much and have a great day!

Pat Lackey
Bishop, CA

Just placed my second case order for your excellent product. It’s a nice taste of home here on the east coast. I was an olive fan, but now we fight over the onions!

Scott Matheson
Hamden, CT

I received my order today….thank you for the fast delivery….they are absolutely fabulous! Best onions of their kind that I have ever had!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Elizabeth Musclow
Rochester, New York

Dear McSweet,

I ordered a sample of your onions for my husband, John. It arrived on Friday, and he says that they are the best onions he has ever had (and he’s had a lot!). He told me to order a case which I have done. Thank you so much for such a superior product!


Mickey Wright
Oak Park, IL


While in Seattle, June 7-11th, I had a couple of meals at the Metropolitan Grill. I ordered my usual Gibson and was impressed by the flavor of the onions within. The second evening there I asked to get some specifics…because so many had been used that night, they had to go down “below” to find a bottle. I wrote down the information…they offered to sell me a bottle of your product at a price that would knock your socks off! I declined…indicating I’d search you out using the information on the label of the bottle they shared. A search on the internet revealed several links to your website…Lucky me/you!

For quite some time I have relied on a source from Hawaii (Rykoff-Sexton – not reliable) and local markets (Mezzetta) that stock onions packaged under the guise of being a “Jewish” or “sweet” cocktail onion…After my Metropolitan Grill experiences, McSweet Cocktail Onions now hold the “top-of-the-world” status in my book!

I am very interested in purchasing some jars of your product for my personal consumption. I noticed a link on your web site to order so I am headed there…in the meantime I wanted to be sure you were aware that your product IMPRESSED me BIG TIME – best taste in the west! I’ll gladly be placing an order for the first of many to come orders of your exceptional product!.

Thank you,

Peter M. Robertson
Santa Barbara, California